Friday, August 1, 2008

IIT Kanpur....... Big Blunder

I dont know how to explain this phenomenon. My head is filled with so
many ideas.
I try with out mixing them all up.
Our department (ME, IIT Kanpur) has been making a lot of efforts
lately to show off the ahead of its time research going on. Today I
found out they have taken it to another level. They never realized
that a clock in sync with 7 satellites form around the globe could
take us to a new dimension in time. So as we are already there might
as well enjoy it, because its not every day that you witness the 32nd
of July..:)
Welcome to the land of longer months.
I thought only Indian time was stretched (IST- Indian Stretched Time)

PS: Thanks a lot to Saket for the mid night discovery. It made my day.


nareshov said...


soumya said...

yeh kya tha!!

saumitra said...

abe yaar ......... ye to sare aam beizzati hai !!!